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About Us

Because What Your Staff Wears Reflects on YOU

As the face of your business, what your staff wears sends signals - positive or negative - about your company's values and professionalism. StaffWear2 develops staff uniforms that project the image you've worked so hard to establish.

Our Story

In 1991, our founder, Towanda Jordan-Scott, started her uniform career at ASAP Uniforms. Moving up the ranks to vice president, she purchased the remaining assets of her nationally acquired employer to form ASAP Career Apparel in 2000 followed by Staffwear, LLC in 2008. Major League Baseball selected ASAP Career Apparel one of its "Top Diverse Suppliers" for its excellence in service among other accolades.

Towanda Jordan-Scott, and Tylah Simmons (an 8-year veteran in Operations and Logistics) manage a diverse team of graphic and apparel designers, experienced seamstresses and embroiderers, and a professional on-site measuring team. We're committed to delivering the most attentive, comprehensive, reliable and competent uniform service in the industry.

How We Can Help

Offering cohesive branded apparel programs, in-stock uniform programs, custom designs, in-house digital printing and embroidery services, and responsive personalized service; StaffWear2 serves as your "uniform concierge." Quality apparel and exceptional service are essential to a successful uniform program - and we deliver both.

We go to great lengths to bring you the latest in fashion that goes beyond what is typically offered. Representing over 200 manufacturers, we provide the convenience of a one-stop shop. Our staff works with each client from concept to completion - designing stylish, contemporary or traditional uniform programs uniquely your own.

We are determined to provide each of our clients with unprecedented personalized and responsive service, while going above and beyond to meet the typical challenges with products and services that are unique to this industry. We will achieve this goal one client at a time with unmatched quality and service

Our customer drives our decisions and our livelihood; we work as a team to provide excellence and we place great value on loyalty as the ultimate compliment. Our goal is to work hard and seek close, long lasting relationships with our customers.

We're proud of our past, to have developed successful uniform programs for both small businesses and Fortune500 companies across the United States, and we're committed to doing the same for you.

Contact us today to schedule a uniform program consultation.